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Are you feeling blocked, trapped or held back? 
And unsure what blocks, beliefs or behaviours are holding you back?  

Fed up of the same old patterns and know you could be so much more?  

Well you've come to the right place.   

Through a pioneering new therapy called RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) you can uncover and irradiate the issues holding you back.

Read more out more about what RTT is and how it can help or book a FREE no obligation 30 minute consultation call to talk about how I can help you.

Katarina Luksic


Helen is a great and warm therapist.  She is absolutely confident in what she does and her enthusiasm is contagious.  We had one session on my damaged nerve and I can already feel the shift- absolutely amazing! Most importantly: I got some very interesting insights from my past!



I always knew that my tension and thoughts of ‘what if’ were holding me back in my riding but have been amazed in the results now that they are not there. I am able to focus, relax and calmly instruct my body to give the correct aids and to not grip on my reins, which was a very bad habit.  There has been a noticeable improvement in my horse’s way of going and I have gained the enjoyment and sense of fun which has been missing since my teens.  Thank you so much!



Just wanted to say thanks so very much for changing my life! I came to you as I had been grinding my teeth all my life without knowing why. Nothing worked until I met you! Not only did you take me back to the very beginning of where it started in my life, but you helped me to understand why it happened. More importantly you showed me how to let go of the teeth grinding and tensions in my jaw permanently.

What was so brilliant was all the other things that improved in my life which I was not expecting. I am a much, much happier person now and fulfilling all my potential and enjoying every day more and more.

I cannot say a big enough thank you but am recommending you to everyone I meet as you are truly magical

Stephanie Meades


My RTT session with Helen was truly transformational.  It uncovered the major core beliefs which had been stifling me from living my full potential, limiting my capacity to be fully expressed as a woman.  Helen was amazingly invested in ensuring we got the bottom of my blocks and made the process fun and enjoyable.  I can not recommend Helen highly enough.  She is an amazing therapist a beautiful woman, and someone you definitely want to work with if you want to reach your full potential.  Thanks so much lovely lady. Forever grateful.

Therapy Session
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Your Therapist

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Helen McLean

Hello, nice to meet you, my name is Helen McLean.  

I come from a background in over 25 years in Research and Development working in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry at a senior management level.  Throughout this time I had the fortune to work on many interesting and innovative products and a wide variety of medical conditions.  Working with worldwide teams to bring the products to market so patients could benefit.  But, to me I became increasingly aware that we were only really working on the symptoms and not the cause and I wanted to do more.


Working in this intense environment, managing small and large multi-national teams I am very aware of the stresses of the corporate world and the effects on the mind and the body.  And during my time, I found my ability to really help my direct reports was limited by the more practical soft skill training that was on offer, but nothing addressed the individual and their own blocks or beliefs that was really holding them back developing into their true potential.

So this is where Rapid Transformational Therapy comes in.  I had been aware of Marisa Peer for many years.  So when the opportunity came to retrain and study RTT under her arose I jumped at the chance.  Having the skill and ability to really make a difference in someone's life in such a direct way is truly amazing.  To help clients unblock and release old behaviours or beliefs and allow that person to take back the life they dreamed of but never believed that it was available to them is definitely a great reason to get up in the morning.  




Includes: In-depth Intake Call, Full RTT session (2+ hours), regular follow ups, bespoke audio, 30day follow up call.
From £450

Power up

Going deeper
For those who feel they have multiple issues they want addressed.  Feel they want to go into more depth, and have longer connection time. 
3 full RTT sessions (incl bespoke audios) over 4 months, multiple coaching calls, and follow ups to guide you towards your new life. 




Additional phone or Zoom coaching sessions can be arranged after the 30 day package has been completed.  

30 minutes



Please contact me for more details on how I can help your group (e.g. enhancing team performance)

Contact Me

Helen McLean Therapy

Top Yard Barn, Harvest Hill, Bourne End, Buckinghamshire 

SL8 5JJ. 


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