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"There are not enough words to truly convey how RTT with this highly skilled lady has transformed my life. I am the happiest I have ever been.  I have suffered for many years with sense of not being enough which presented itself in depression and issues with drinking.  I simply did not like myself, I felt as if I was a fraud. 


The change from my session with Helen was instant! I suddenly felt that an enormous weight had been lifted and situations that previously caused me to feel bad no longer did to the horrid extent they used to.  I felt as if I had woken up, that a nasty negative fog had cleared.  I was sceptical initially of this therapy as previous therapies such as CBT did now work in the long term (for me) they helped me to survive- but I want more than to survive, I want to live.  I knew that something was still deeply wrong but could not unlock what was holding me back from being happy with myself and life. 


Helen has lifted me up and given me the most precious gift – the ability to love myself, love life!  This seem exaggerated but I can hand on heart tell you that this therapy blooming well WORKS.  It blows my mind how effective it is.  It WORKS!  Previous therapies left me doubting myself as they did not eradicate the feelings that held me back.  I was left feeling more inadequate.  I used to internalise other peoples negative behaviours but now have the resilience to see things for what they are, I am kind to myself which makes me the best version of myself. 


I believe now that I am enough and that I matter.  I would ask anyone who struggles with life, in whatever way, to try RTT with Helen as it will eradicate those things that keep you back and open you up to a fulfilled and happy future!  Your only commitment is to work with Helen and please please do listen to her audios, they are necessary for your success.   Helen thank you, I am incredibly lucky to have had this therapy with you.  I know you will heal many many more people.  A remarkable therapy with an inspirational lady. X"

Caz, Hertfordshire

"I went to see Helen when I was at an incredibly low point. I was down, lacking motivation and had fundamentally given up on life and what it had to offer me, lost all fight and spirit that had got me as far as it had. I had tried other treatments through myself at home and CBT but had kept hitting set backs and going back to square 1. 


RTT is advertised as an instantaneous affect and that is exactly what happens. As someone who has notoriously been a little sceptical on things like this, I was truly astonished as to the difference it made just during the session alone. It was fundamentally remarkable and undoubtedly has had a huge impact on every aspect of my life, all in a couple of hours! 


Helen as a therapist is attentive, patient, thoughtful and considerate. Her tone and manner is relaxing and reassuring in itself and you can’t help but just feels she has taken the time to truly understand your problems and issues. It’s a truly tailored and unique service with Helen and you do feel she is there for you every step away from consultation and right through afterwards, there is dialogue and check ups every step of the way. She cares about who she is speaking with and just having that is a huge part of the treatment for me. Helen has provided a life changing experience for me and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anybody for any help that they may need!"


Sam, London



I always knew that my tension and thoughts of ‘what if’ were holding me back in my riding but have been amazed in the results now that they are not there. I am able to focus, relax and calmly instruct my body to give the correct aids and to not grip on my reins, which was a very bad habit.  There has been a noticeable improvement in my horse’s way of going and I have gained the enjoyment and sense of fun which has been missing since my teens.  Thank you so much!  JP 49, Oxford


Just wanted to say thanks so very much for changing my life! I came to you as I had been grinding my teeth all my life without knowing why. My dentist despaired of me and had tried everything. Nothing worked until I met you! Not only did you take me back to the very beginning of where it started in my life, but you helped me to understand why it happened. More importantly you showed me how to let go of the teeth grinding and tensions in my jaw permanently.
What was so brilliant was all the other things that improved in my life which I was not expecting. I am a much, much happier person now and fulfilling all my potential and enjoying every day more and more. Everyone has noticed and commented on the "new" me.
I cannot say a big enough thank you but am recommending you to everyone I meet as you are truly magical 


CJ, Windsor

"I was stuck in my professional life.


I tried a range of mainstream strategies from carrier development workshops to mentoring but the changes I experienced were only incremental. I was looking for transformative change. This was the moment when a friend of mine suggested Helen’s approach to RTT.


I had two reservations about RTT: first, it promised rapid transformation, second, the therapy engaged hypnotherapy. I thought changes could not happen in a rapid fashion considering the complexity of my issues. Also, I assumed hypnotherapy would only make me feel more vulnerable as it would stir up painful memories.


I was in for a surprise. Some changes did happen soon after hypnosis, for instance the sense of relief from being stuck; others developed over the course of a couple of weeks, and several others are still evolving (40+ days after). While hypnotherapy did reconnect me with past experiences, the reconnection was more of a sense of liberation by revealing why these past constellations shaped and blocked my current development. Hypnotherapy did not only help me recognizing the value of change but it also built scaffolding for change. The process transformed my current professional outlook.


Helen’s approach to RTT has helped me to regain my sense of control.


Helen’s undivided attention, trusting support, and sharp insights have been instrumental in forming and consolidating my new change patterns. Helen has a talent for asking the right questions that make you feel inspired to explore further in your subconscious until you can reframe your past and start transforming your present and future.


I strongly recommend Helen’s authentic approach when you are pursuing transformative change in your professional career. "


CD, London

"I have seen many therapists in my life, but Helen has a special talent, and has by far been the kindest, the warmest, and most importantly, THE MOST EFFICIENT!!!

When I came to see Helen, I was carrying decades of negative thinking, low self-esteem, chronic "comparisonitis", and guilt. I didn't know if any of it could be fixed, but she put me right at ease with her genuine openness and her extraordinary humour and wit. I felt at home and safe with her, in competent and caring hands.

Helen supported me through the entire process, helping me unlock new insights and more potential. And today, I am transformed! Thanks to Helen, I am a much better version of myself: I feel free, light, and capable of conquering the world!! All of the blocks from my past are now gone, and I feel as if Helen has sprinkled her fairy dust all over me... Having worked with other hypnotherapists before her, I can testify that Helen is a true gem."

Sofia, Copenhagen

"As someone running my own business, I was finding things quite tough, and was really wondering "What is the point of it all? Why is life such a struggle? But being very British I was trying to soldier on as I had no ailments - I just needed to get a grip and get on with things

As I found out later, I was also carrying a substantial amount of baggage from the loss of my father and other events dating back to my early teens and to be carrying that 24/7, even in my subconscious was a heavy burden. One that Helen released for me after a single session with her, some follow-up calls and rigorous sticking to her plan for me for the next 30 days.


I'd recommend her to anyone, and even if, like me you're not sure if she can help, just ask. The answer might well be yes."


Charlie, Bucks



"I saw Helen on 30th January. She was brilliant I went with quite a serious alcohol issue and haven't drunk since. I don't even want to.
Before I couldn't get through one day without needing and having a drink.

Helen was kind, supportive, caring and warm and I really believed in her belief that this could work and it did. She is brilliant and I am listening to her audio each day. I felt quite wary before I called but after discussing my challenges with Helen she completely put me at ease and I felt safe and relaxed during the session and in good hands.

I can't thank Helen enough."


Emma Wilson UK mar 20


"I always knew that my tension and thoughts of ‘what ifs’ were holding me back in my riding but have been amazed in the results now that they are not there.  I am able to focus, relax and calmly instruct my body to give the correct aids and to not grip on my reins, which was a very bad habit.  There has been a noticeable improvement in my horse’s way of going and I have gained the enjoyment and sense of fun which has been missing since my teens.  Thank you so much!”


Jan P, Oxford March 20

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